WOODY GUTHRIE’S AMERICAN SONG – Songs & Writings by Woody Guthrie, Conceived & Adapted by Peter Glazer, Orchestrations & Arrangements by Jeff Waxman, Directed by Elizabeth Craven


REVIVAL!!! of MTC's Summer 2023 Hit Play!

August 7 thru August 25

Songs and Writings by Woody Guthrie
Conceived and Adapted by Peter Glazer
Orchestrations & Vocal Arrangements by Jeff Waxman

Images from MTC's Summer 2023 Hit!

Summer 2023 Production Crew and Cast Members:

Directed by Elizabeth Craven, Music Direction by Jenni Windsor, Instrumental Direction by Dave Alden, Lighting and Scenic Design by Jeff Rowlings, Costume Design by Susan Collins, Sound Design by Zach Taylor and Bruce Price, Stage Management by Patricia Price.

Singer/Storytellers: Lucas Keihn-Thilman, Byron Greene, Steve Worthen, Audrey Ferguson, Maria Ramos, Carrie Fishman and understudies, Bessy Krauss and Sara Rose.

Musicians: Dave Alden (guitar/dobro/vocals), Dan Coulson (acoustic bass), Byron Greene (banjo/guitar), Zoe Berna (fiddle), Emily Berna (fiddle),  Jim ‘Jimbo’ Gilbert (banjo/mandolin), Alex Miller (banjo/mandolin) and Meghan Miller (acoustic bass).

Note: The cast consists of five storytellers and four instrumentalists on any given night.

WOODY GUTHRIE’S AMERICAN SONG is first and foremost a celebration of American life, our history, our struggles, our joys as seen and heard through the eyes and ears of one of America’s greatest folk music treasures, Woody Guthrie. Written for five actors and three musicians, this ensemble play traverses our land “from California to the New York Island…from the redwood forests to the deep sea waters.” And like the song says, this play was made for you and me.

Playing to sold out audiences all over the country, this musical is a must see for adults and kids alike.

As long as we've got wrecks, disasters, floods, trade union troubles, high prices and low pay and politicians, folk songs are on their way in."