THE MISSION of the Mendocino Theatre Company is to produce plays of substance and excitement, from the classics to the cutting edge. MTC strives to address issues that speak to our world with plays that entertain, challenge and enrich our community and those who visit. With a commitment to excellence, MTC focuses on nurturing local talent by providing a collaborative, respectful and creative environment.

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VALUES that support the Mission

GOALS that support the Mission

  • To include in each season’s productions work that represents or includes marginalized and underrepresented voices.
  • To seek out and include BIPOC artists and plays that speak to BIPOC life in America as a part of each year’s programming.
  • To regularly seek out and collaborate with a multidisciplinary artist(s) and/or company(ies).
  • To cultivate youth participation in the theatre through training, easy access to performances and outreach programs.
  • To allocate a reasonable portion of our annual budget to ensure our artistic offerings include diverse voices and experiences.
  • To create paths of easy access for all in our county – including people with disabilities and people on a fixed income ‐‐ to attend MTC performances.
  • To continually examine MTC practices and structures to uncover barriers towards diversifying the Board, staff, cast members, technical crew and audience members.
  • To hold annual Board retreats in which we review the mission and values of MTC and evaluate
    our ongoing progress.
  • To develop a multicultural Board that represents the face of Mendocino County and to ensure that the culture of the Board supports and encourages BIPOC leadership in the organization.
  • To host community conversations three times a year focused on contemporary issues in support of MTC’s mission.

Racial Equity Statement:

As a non-profit Performing Arts organization, Mendocino Theatre Company is committed to anti-racist practices which require additional attention and effort, in order to right historic and contemporary wrongs. In pursuit of this, our three Grounding Principles are: Harm Prevention, Harm Reduction and Relationship Repair.

  • We are committed to ensuring that our policies and practices reflect democratic principles of equity and justice. For that purpose, we have established an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
  • We understand that enacting policy in a just and equitable manner includes considering critical issues of implicit bias and discrimination and requires concerted and purposeful action.
  • We believe that bringing together Board, staff, theatre artists and volunteers with differing backgrounds and life experiences enhances our ability to increase opportunities for our organization to succeed.


Mendocino Theatre Company promotes anti-racist ideals, values and policies in its educational programs and theatrical productions.