William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged)

directed by Ricci Dedola

will be held for all those in the shire
wishing to play in this play!

On the 24th day of JUNE, ye shall find thyself drawn to the LOBBY of the Mendocino Theatre Company at 6:30 pm,
with one Shakespeare monologue in hand
(prepared, but not necessarily memorized).

Actors should also be prepared to read from sides from the script,
pages 2-8, 14-17, 26-29 and 44-48.
Please be familiar with this material!
Copies of the sides will be available at the box office.

Be prepared to spend an energetic 3 hours…
do wear comfortable clothing, and be ready to MOVE!

THREE ACTORS are needed to play 47 CHARACTERS.
All ages, races, and genders are welcome and encouraged!
Actors must be in good physical condition.

Questions?  Please phone director Ricci Dedola, 562-882-7709
or email  Pamela,