Date: April 23, 2022

AUDITIONS for Mendocino Theatre Company’s production of Jen Silverman’s deliciously dark comedy THE MOORS, directed by Roxy Seven, will be held, via Zoom:

Actors will read from script sides, which will be sent to each participant in advance.   Please send acting resume to: with the subject: THE MOORS actor resume.  Perusal scripts are available at the MTC office; please call Pamela, 707-937-2718.  For questions, please email the director, Roxy Semans

From the director:  “Seeking BOLD and pLaYfuL actors to take a seat at the table of a mad tea party of a play. Build a specific world and character that you can articulate physically, emotionally, and intellectually. What does your character believe to be true that an outside perspective might call crazy?”

Sign up below for a 10-minute audition spot on Saturday, April 23rd.

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