in a word by Lauren Yee

in a word

by Lauren Yee; directed by Ann Woodhead

September 8 to October 9, 2022

grief and comedy collide in this lyrical play about loss and language

Today is the two-year anniversary of Fiona’s son’s disappearance, and still, nothing makes sense to her. Not her blasé husband, the incompetent detective, or the neighborhood kidnapper who keeps introducing himself in the checkout line. As Fiona delves back into her memories of that fateful day, to uncover that crucial missing piece, grief and comedy collide, and ordinary turns of phrase take on dangerous new meanings.

IN A WORD is—in a word—riveting. It’s also powerful, moving, funny...

  • CAST (featuring)

    Jimmy Betts
    Terilynn Epperson
    Joel Ginsberg


    SCENIC Design by Carolyn Schneider
    Lighting by Dale Cohn
    Photography by Larry W. Wagner

from Marylyn Motherbear Scott’s Review…

“Not to be missed.”  

“Well worth the experience.”

“A provocative play that draws upon traditions of the comedic absurd.”  “A reminder to love and be loved.”

Jimmy Betts is nothing short of amazing in the portrayal of Tristan, a difficult role at best. Not to be missed…. We have seen Jimmy’s excellent acting chops in previous MTC roles; this goes beyond.”

Terilynn Epperson proves her skill by taking on this difficult role.”

“Guy … is played by Joel Ginsberg, I might say downplayed, and downplayed well…. Ginsberg’s performance gives Guy his resistance; and, at the same time, offers a constancy that serves us in the end. A subtle grace and unspoken forgiveness.”