by Rebecca Gilman; directed by Lorry Lepaule

April 25 to May 26, 2019

Many thanks to our community partner, Project Sanctuary.

LUNA GALE is sponsored, in part, by HARVEST MARKET.

Who decides who is capable of raising a child? Veteran social worker Caroline crosses the line in order to do what it takes to protect baby Luna Gale, the daughter of two meth addicts. But her well-intentioned mission is charged with hidden motives and moral ambiguity. Does the end justify the means?

A compelling and compassionate portrait of flawed people making impossible choices.


  • Karlie Roxy Semans
  • Peter Jimmy Betts
  • Caroline Lynn Sotos
  • Cindy Summer Makovkin
  • Lourdes Skye Starkweather
  • Cliff Alex Rapport
  • Pastor Jay Jesse Bevan


  • Director Lorry Lepaule
  • Stage Manager George Bishop
  • Assistant Stage Manager Dale Cohn
  • Set Design Diane Larson
  • Light Design Dave Gealey
  • Costume Design Susan Collins
  • Sound Design Ken Krauss
  • Technical Director Steve Greenwood
  • Producer Pamela W. Allen