Special Events

Our 2021 reading series continues ON THE RADIO

Mendocino Theatre Company presents a reading of Susan Glaspell’s satirical comedy on KZYX

Written over a century ago, WOMAN’S HONOR is deft and witty social satire that criticizes the sexual double standard.

Directed by Lorry Lepaule, the reading features: Janet Atherton, Nancy Bartke, Bob Cohen, Raven Deerwater, Summer Makovkin, Lidie Jimenez, Laura Pinyuh, Tess Albin-Smith, and windflower Townley, with narration by Sara Rose. Sound design and production by Ken Krauss. Dramaturgy by Pamela W. Allen.

TUNE IN on Thursday, April 29th at 7:00 PM

or stream it online at kzyx.org

“Did it ever strike you as funny that woman’s honor is only about one thing, and that man’s honor is about everything but that thing?”

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