Casting Call for “Born With Teeth”

  • BY: Liz Duffy-Adams
  • DIRECTED BY: Elizabeth Craven
  • SHOW DATES: Runs May 2 thru Jun 2, 2024​
  • Sessions: Live Stream & Video Auditions Available - SEE BELOW


Sat, Feb 10 2024


Live Streaming & Video Auditions SEE BELOW
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Stevenson Studio @Mendo Art Center
  • Live auditions will be held at 1:00PM on February 10 in Stevenson Studio, 45200 Little Lake Street.
  • Live streaming auditions with an off camera reader are available only by appointment.
  • Recorded video auditions using an off camera reader may be submitted using the JotForm registration.

Play Description

Widely recognized as one of the hottest new scripts of the year, “Born With Teeth” is a ninety minute 16th century literary balestra between two of the most famous writers of their time, Will Shakespeare and Kit Marlowe. “An aging, unstable ruler, an oppressive police state, a restless polarized people seething with paranoia: it’s a dangerous time for poets. Two of them—the already great Kit Marlowe and the up-and-comer Will Shakespeare—meet in the back room of a pub to collaborate on a history play cycle, navigate the perils of art under a totalitarian regime, and flirt like young men with everything to lose. One of them may well be the death of the other.” – New Play Exchange

Open Role: Christopher "Kit" Marlowe

  • Description of Role: “The historical Will and Kit were in their late 20s at this time. But they can be played by actors of any age as long as they read as being the same age (and assuming youthful energy) and of any race or even (same) gender.” – New Play Exchange
  • Acting qualities of interest: The director is looking for a expressive actor with strong language skills, physical acting ability, movement and comedic timing.

Instructions for Video Audition

Record your video audition downloading one or more of the sides below. You may use an off-camera voice or choose for dialogue or select the longer excerpt as a monologue. 

Auditions should be three to five minutes in length.

Headshot and resume are required. Headshots can be color or black and white, professional or a snap shot.

For questions or further information regarding your video submission please contact the director.

DIRECTOR INFORMATION: Elizabeth Craven | phone: 707-937-2718 | email: