Auditions for “Hurricane Diane” thru May 30

  • BY: Madeleine George
  • DIRECTED BY: Willo Hausman
  • SHOW DATES: 09/19/2024 thru 10/13/2024
  • For Ages: Age ranges 25-65. Actors of all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to submit. Open to both experienced players and curious newbies.
  • Sessions: 4/23 thru 5/30 — Open Casting Window (appointments scheduled individually)
  • Callbacks: May 30


Tue, May 28 2024


Open Window
All of the day


Virtual Meeting

Open to both experienced players and curious newbies.

Age ranges 25-65.  Actors of all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to submit.

AUDITIONS:  Scheduled individually April 23 through May 30


Meet Diane, a permaculture gardener dripping with butch charm.  She’s got supernatural abilities owing to her true identity – the Greek God Dionysius – and she’s returned to the modern world to gather mortal followers and restore the earth to its natural state. Where better to begin than with four housewives in a suburban New Jersey cul-de-sac? Pulitzer Prize-finalist Madeleine George pens a hilarious evisceration of the blind eye we all turn to climate change and the bacchanalian catharsis that awaits us, even in our own backyards.


“An astonishing new play by Madeleine George that whirls ancient myth, lesbian pulp, ecological thriller and The Real Housewives of Monmouth County into a perfect storm of timely tragicomedy.” – Jesse Green, The New York Times

Hurricane Diane is fantastic, heartbreaking. Full of keen observation and profound human affection, the play both lifts us up and wrings us out.” – Vulture


Searching for 5 actors to star in Hurricane Diane running at The Mendocino Theater Company from September 19-October 13, 2024.  Rehearsals begin July 29.

Age ranges 25-65.  Actors of all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to submit.

Open to both experienced players and curious newbies. 

My preferred style is natural and believable.  We delve deeply into character backgrounds, playing with improvisation and acting exercises to add to the essence of realism, plus discover the innate truthful humor in this ‘eco-comedy’.  As opposed to over-the-top antics or mimic-ing we will explore the roles, dialogue, plot and action together in detail to discover truthful portraits to portray.  Bringing the audience fully into a New Jersey habitat infused with a supernatural presence.  Please be prepared for a quite a bit of rehearsal!  With lines and blocking second nature by opening night.  I will choreograph a hint of stylized movement at various moments in the play, so it’s important the performers are at ease with trying subtle timed rhythmic synchronicity. There is a wild featured dance number in the finale, no need for professional quality moves, but please be comfortable with rockin’ grooves. My chosen cast always provides me the true direction for the material at hand.  Once in place, forward progress is made.  Finding inspiration as we prepare and practice.  Collaboration is key.  I am looking forward to bringing an entertaining production with a whoppingly serious worldly message to one of my very favorite stages.


  • DIANE/Non-Binary Performer/25-65/Any Ethnicity —
    • The God Dionysus shape-shifts into a landscaper to gather acolytes and help turn the world away from environmental disaster.  Seeking a non-binary actor who can present believably as both male and female.  Charming, hypnotic, confident, calm, smooth. With a touch of wry spirit.  Yet also capable of being fierce, powerful, and truly omnipotent.
  • CAROL/Female/25-65/Any Ethnicity —
    • A bit stiff. Cautious.  Bossy. Slightly cold.  Somewhat frigid.  In control.  Logical.  Chirpy. Overly polite. Sharpshooter.  With a surprising hidden strength.
  • BETH/Female/25-65/Any Ethnicity —
    • Dreamy.  Gentle. Melancholy, yet optimistic. Floaty. Genuinely sweet. Spaced-out but unusually perceptive, in a different world.  Semi-mystical.  Open to new experiences.
  • RENEE/Female/25-65/African American —
    • Professional.  High-end.  Put together.  Reliable.  To the point.  Clear.  Honest.  Assertive.  Power-player.  Calls the shots.  Fair.  Craves her sexually exploratory past.
  • PAM/Female/25-65/Any Ethnicity —
    • Caring. Expressive.  Swirling.  Sensual.  Protective.  Reactive.  Fun. Bouncy.  Energetic. Momma Hen. A tad scattered.  Buzzing. Prepared for disaster, but also very spontaneous.

Please send a resume, current photo and reel (if available) ASAP to:

All auditions and call-backs will be via Zoom and scheduled individually.

AUDITIONS:  April 23 through May 30


Any and all questions welcome! Contact director at



After graduating NYU with a BFA in acting and cinema, Willo was the Founding Artistic Director of NRG, a theatre company in NYC which primarily employed a film-based crew and performed verite’ style throughout Manhattan.  NRGS’ most notable endeavor, THE HOBBYWOOD CANTEEN, was performed on a soundstage at Culver Studios in LA where it received much kudos and notoriety.  While attending the Tisch School at NYU Willo was also honored with the opportunity to perform in a few David Mamet movies where she honed her skills as an actor.  Willo enriched her film knowledge by continuing training on many high-powered film sets, working in a multitude of capacities, including NOBODY’S FOOL (Stand-in/Perdiem-Envelope-Stuffer and Art Department Production Assistant), FAMILY THING (Set PA and Casting Assistant), PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT (Extras Casting Director), TWILIGHT (Producer’s Assistant) and MAN ON THE MOON (Camera Assistant).  Willo also spent many years in her youth working by her father’s side at his NY-based production company, CINEHAUS.  Most recently she worked in casting on HBO’s ‘I Know This Much is True’.

FAIRIE was Willo’s filmic directorial debut. A fantastical tale about 9 fairy creatures celebrating the new millennium at the Hollywood sign. Willo also shot and directed the LAST DAY SERIES, short works at the forefront of the reality genre, humorously revealing the inherent frustrations of being an artist trapped in a menial job. This evolved into 8 separate episodes, now in the works to become a roster. Willo directed a well-received theatrical production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, combining cinema, an original score, Victorian Steampunk costumes and an exquisite gothic-hued set. She also helmed an innovative stage version of DRACULA.  As well as a successful version of Albee’s WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF. August 2021 was an outstanding outdoor production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, the launchpad for her new theater company, THE TIVOLI PLAYERS. Followed by THE LOVE PLAY, ten vignettes from local playwrights, all revolving around matters of the heart.  Most recently, in autumn 2023, THE HAUNTED TAVERN came to life at the illustrious Byrdcliffe Theater in Woodstock NY, with varied tales of death and monsters. In the wings is an original version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND set to open in summer of 2025, Elmer Rice’s STREET SCENE, THE GLASS MENAGERIE and a play based on the intriguing life of Willo’s mother, actress Diane Varsi.

In active development is a sitcom series, THE VIBE, a comedic show set in an occult shop, en route to a shoot date in the winter of 2024.  And two feature films: CLARE, a murder mystery revolving around a clan of modern-day witches living in the midst of a bustling metropolis and AMONG THE WONDERFUL, a vintage tale about the adventures of a giantess and a taxidermist who work at Barnum’s American Museum circa NYC 1842.  Bubbling on back burners is an Edward Gorey based film, a Buster Keaton bio-movie and a documentary about mental illness.

Willo is the founder of GRYPHON PICTURES, a CA and NY-based production company.