One-Minute Radio Theatre

One-Minute Radio Theatre

Got a minute?

Mendocino Theatre Company’s One-Minute Radio Theatre celebrates brevity, with a new one-minute play every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 PM on KZYX, Mendocino County’s Public and Community radio station.

Airing October 6th through October 29th:

SOMETHING NEW by Philip Zwerling

They meet on a train…

IDENTITY by Raven Deerwater

A futile call for assistance…


A Dickinsoninspired poem for these times…

THE DOOMSDAY DERBY by Sharmon J. Hilfinger

No winners here…

LIGHT BEER by Nancy Bartke

Friendship in the time of quarantine…

HAMLET IN NEW YORK by Lorry Lepaule

What a piece of work…

And two plays by young playwrights:

THE WOMAN IN THE PASTEL KNITTED HAT by Phannarai Inkun (age 14)

Microaggressions on the Mendocino coast…

ROOMMATES by Anthony Bartke (age 14)

Marley can’t find his comic…

One-Minute Radio Theatre

  • Sound production and design by Ken Krauss
  • Directed by Lorry Lepaule
  • Produced by Pamela W. Allen
  • Featuring: Pamela W. Allen, Mark Friedrich, Phannarai Inkun, Dan Kozloff, Lorry Lepaule, Susan Maeder, and Laura Pinyuh

We are currently accepting submissions of one-minute plays!

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