Auditions for


by Bryna Turner

directed by Stephanie C. Cunningham

will be held on February 19, 2018, by appointment only.

Actors are asked to prepare and perform a contemporary comedic monologue and a contrasting dramatic monologue, each no more than 3 minutes in length.  The auditions will be filmed.   Appointments can be scheduled online, beginning January 30th.  The show runs June 7 to July 15 for 21 performances.  Rehearsals will begin in mid-May.  Out of town actors can submit audition videos, along with headshot and resume, to

For more information, please phone Pamela W. Allen, 707-937-2718.

Sign up HERE.

CHARACTERS (all female, any ethnicity):

WOOLLEY — (Mary) the swagger of a gunslinger buttoned into an ankle length dress; a confident and caring partner to Marks.

MARKS — (Jeannette) a moody and fitful writer and partner, an enigmatic teacher; Woolley’s former student and current partner, ten years Woolley’s junior

DEAN WELSH — a tight-lipped New England type. Woolley’s subordinate, but Marks’ superior

PEARL — the president of a secret society of fan girls of the relationship between Marks and Woolley, Marks’ obsessively devoted student

FELICITY — Marks’ roommate in a house off-campus named Sweet Pea. A professor in the Philosophy Department


Local actors are encouraged to attend Dan Kozloff’s MONOLOGUE WORKSHOP on January 27th.



Auditions for BECKY’S NEW CAR

by Steven Dietz

directed by Betty Abramson

Will be held on Monday, March 5 and Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

More information coming in February!