directed by Lynn Sotos, with musical direction by Kim Bratton, 

are scheduled for Monday, September 17 and Tuesday, September 18 at 6:30 pm

in the rehearsal room at the Community Center of Mendocino. 

This show is a re-creation of a classic 1940’s radio show and will include some music;

actors may choose to sign a song a capella, though this is not a requirement.

Actors are asked to sign-up for one audition date HERE.  Please arrive promptly by 6:30 pm!

THE LEADING PLAYERS (no doubling of these roles)

DORIS WALKER, of Macy’s Department Store :  age 30s-40s, Practical.  Protective.  She has authority and responsibility in her job as well as at home.  She has worked hard to keep her guard up and not get hurt.

SUSAN, her daughter:  Precocious 8-11 years.  Very wise and mature beyond her years.

FRED GAILEY, a lawyer:  age 30s-40s, Ever the optimist.  He’s the one man who believes in Kris.  He is open to possibility, rather than probability.  He’s a dreamer who hasn’t lost his childhood faith.

KRIS KRINGLE:  This role has been pre-cast.


SUPPORTING MALE ROLES (possible doubling or tripling of these roles)

WILLIAM KEIGHLEY, your host:  Charming.  Engaging.  A straight man with personality.  He kicks everything off and keeps the energy of the show running.  Must be likable, energetic, with a touch of authority.  Think perhaps a late night host.

Announcer:  Keeps the show flowing.  Can make anything sound interesting and inviting and delivers important information without it sounding boring and reading off a list.  Reads with an authoritative smile.

 Shellhammer:   age 40’s and up, Nervous. Always on edge that he’s going to lose his job.  Not a bad man, but cautious and conservative.

 Dr. Pierce: 45 +, A respected doctor who believes that Kris believes who he says he is, and just may be open to the fact himself.  In any event, he sees Kris as sweet and endearing and posing no threat.  He wants to help Kris however he can.

Mr. Macy: 50’s + Gruff, but lovable.  He’s the CEO of the company.  At first he’s all about business and the bottom line.  Even when they create the campaign about love and helping others and being “the Friendly Store” it’s about how Macy’s will make money

Judge Henry X. Harper:  50’s+,  A good man caught up in a mess.  He’s trying to do the right thing, but is also afraid to make a wrong political move.

 Assistant DA Thomas Mara: 30s – 50s – Also a good man, just trying to do his job.

Charles Halloran: 45 +, Politically savvy.  He’s Judge Harper’s advisor.

 Alfred:  20s-30s, Kris’ co-worker

Mr. Gimble:  rival store owner


 Louie:  20s-30s, Postman co-worker


SUPPORTING FEMALE ROLES (possible doubling or tripling of these roles)

Mrs. Sawyer:  age greater than 40,  Suspicious.  Nervous.  Shifty.  Doesn’t trust anyone and certainly doesn’t buy into this Santa Claus business.  Is only looking out for her own interests.

Mrs. Mara, wife of Asst. DA Mara

Miss Prong:  Assistant to Mr. Sawyer


Mother 1

Mother 2



Tommy Mara, son of the DA

Mortimer (boy who wants fire engines)