a comedy about a night in the life of playwright Aphra Behn

will be held on

January 30 & 31, 2017 at 6:00 pm


Actors are encouraged to audition even if they do not fit the age range…enthusiasm and skill are important!

1 Woman–20’s to late 30’s to play Aphra Behn.

1 Woman–late 20’s to mid 40’s  to play three roles(Nell Gwynne, Maria, Lady Davenant). Age is flexible depending on the casting of the Man.

1 Man–late 20’s to mid 40’s to play three roles  (Jailer, Charles II, William Scot).  About 10 years older than Aphra Behn.

For questions, please contact the director, Betty Abramson at 707-964-8675 or 707-671-5493.

Perusal scripts are available.  Please email Pamela at