RIPCORD by David Lindsay-Abaire; directed by Alex Rapport

Casting Call

by David Lindsay-Abaire
directed by Alex Rapport

Production runs September 14 thru October 15, 2023


Abby and Marylin, residents in a suburban New Jersey senior living center called Bristol Place, are forced to share a room together. Their attempts to set boundaries becomes an escalating risk-filled competition that becomes increasingly personal. Neither one is willing to admit defeat. Will their “bet” cross a line that ends the relationship(or lives) permanently? Or is their “tough love” the ultimate road to an eventual friendship?      


Abby(70’s) a resident set in her ways; she prefers to live alone. A ‘glass half-empty’ kind of a person. She thinks she has seen it all, and it can’t get that much worse… until now!

Marilyn(70’s) an energetic new resident. A ‘glass half-full’ kind of person. Although she projects positivity, under the surface lies a deeply competitive individual. She chooses to see the positive because of past difficulties that she has overcome. She has long ties to a family-owned skydiving company.

Scotty (20’s-30’s) gender neutral, a resident aide. Professional and positive. Scotty is the glue that keeps the facility running smoothly. While caring about all the residents, some(i.e. Abby) definitely push buttons. Scotty constantly tries to maintain composure and support the residents. Scotty also does a little acting on the side.

Colleen(woman in white) (40’s) Marilyn’s daughter. Family owns a skydiving company. Supportive of and similar to her mother in that she loves a good game! She seems to have a healthy marriage.

Derek(zombie butler, masked man) (40’s) Colleen’s dutiful husband. His devotion to wife and family test his physical and emotional limits.

Benjamin(clown, Lewis) (40’s) Abby’s estranged son. A recovering addict and new father to a baby girl. He attempts to bridge the divide with his mom, but the task proves to be a difficult endeavor. 

AUDITION PREPARATION Sides available on the MTC website or download PDF below. Sides(no monologues) for in-person auditions. Monologues, or Sides with an off camera reader, for video submissions.

HEADSHOTS AND RESUMES Headshots are appreciated but any clear photo of your likeness is ok.

IN-PERSON AUDITIONS In-Person Auditions will be held at Stevenson Studio, Mendocino Art Center | DATES AND TIMES Friday, May 12; 6-9pm, Saturday, May 13; 2-5pm. You will be contacted by the director to attend a CALLBACK on Monday, May 15; 6-9pm. 

DIGITAL AUDITIONS: In lieu of in-person auditions, you may submit ZOOM, Skype or Video examples of your work beginning | DATES AND TIMES. April 21. We will continue accepting until DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION? May 18.

To submit a video, or make an appointment to Zoom or Skype, contact BethCraven Email:; Text: Alex Rapport Cell: 1-323-839-2409; Voice message: 1-707-937-2718


Digital Callback for non-in-person auditions will be arranged on Sunday, May 14. Or appointment TBD by the director.


Performance Dates: September 14 – October 15

Times: Thursday – Saturday, 7:30 PM; Sunday, 2:00 PM

Place: Helen Schoeni Theatre, 45200 Little Lake Street, Mendocino, CA

Rehearsal Schedule: Begins Monday August 14, 2023.

COMPENSATION will be given in the form of reimbursement for expenses. Stipend amounts vary according to locale.