The Long Intermission

Executive Producer, Pamela W. Allen

Production Manager, Jeff Rowlings

Technical Director, Amanda Mason

  • Segments Producer, Director & Editor: Casssandra Young
  • MTC Youth Theatre segment produced by Terilynn Epperson and Lorraine Lepaule
  • MTC Moments segment produced by Alice Williams
  • Bill Irwin segment produced by Jeff Rowlings
  • Hosts: Dan Kozloff and Lisa Norman
  • Featuring appearances by Pamela Allen, Bob Cohen, Susan Collins, Kaye Handley, Sandra Hawthorne, Diane Larson, Lorraine Lepaule, and special guest Bill Irwin*
  • Graphic Design: Lisa Garza-Hillman of inkfish design
  • Segments Crew: Milo Young, Steve Ritchie, Mitchell Ritter
  • For Gloriana Musical Theatre: Jenni Windsor
  • For Flynn Creek Circus: Blaze Birge
  • For Mendocino Dance Company: Kara Starkweather
  • For Hit & Run Theatre: Doug Nunn
  • Sound Design by Ken Krauss

*Mr Irwin represented by Martha Roth

MANY THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: Kaye C. Handley, MacCallum House Inn, FOODRUNNERS, and E & B Auto

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