PARADISE is directed by Virginia (Ginny) Reed

Mendocino Theatre Company is seeking two non-AEA actors to play the roles of Yasmeen al-Hamadi and Guy Royston

The actor playing Yasmeen may “come from away” – NY, NJ, LA, San Francisco Bay Area or anywhere in USA

Characters: Yasmeen Al-Hamadi is a Muslim, Yemeni-American senior at a struggling inner-city Bronx high school. Dr. Guy Royston is her science teacher, a former Evangelical with a mysterious past. An unlikely research team, together they embark on a neurological study, leading to conflicts over love, faith and culture.

Cast:  Two characters who both have keen intellects, quick wits and wry humor. Deeply held beliefs are challenged, respected and clarified through scientific and mentor-mentee explorations.

Yasmeen al-Hamadi 17, Yemeni-American, slight Bronx accent.

Actor will have the ability to speak or learn phrases in Arabic and intone a prayer from the Qur’an. Ideally has a personal understanding of Muslim culture and family.

Dr. Guy Royston 40s, light rural Virginia accent.

Actor will be able to keep the intellectual repartee and scientific conversations aloft, while being challenged by Yasmeen’s intelligence and point of view.

West Coast premiere at the Odyssey Theatre (Viola Davis, Julius Tennon and John Cappetta, producers) extended at The Matrix Theatre, Los Angeles.  (New Play Exchange) 


Playwright: Laura Maria Censabella

Compensation: Expense reimbursement stipends $250-$1000

For Out-of-town artists: additional reimbursement for long distance air travel; local housing; gift cards; teaching options


Contact Information: 415-342-5207

Or: VM 1+707-937-2718

Online auditions are live via Skype or Zoom

Auditions are open now through February 14, 2023

In-Person auditions will be held on February 11 & 12, 2023 from at the Community Center of Mendocino, 998 School St, Mendocino, CA 95460. Start Time: 1:00pm

Preparation: Prepare 1-2 short monologues of your choice from any other published play to introduce yourself. Monologues and scenes from Paradise will be provided electronically.

Audition Application Form: Please follow the link below to begin the process of setting up your audition.

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