BULL IN A CHINA SHOP by Bryna Turner

BULL IN A CHINA SHOP by Bryna Turner

Directed by Stephanie C. Cunningham

A Northern California premiere.

A fast-paced feminist comedy based on the true story of revolutionary academics and lovers Mary Woolley and Jeanette Marks, spanning from 1899 to 1937.  New York City-based director Stephanie C. Cunningham returns to direct the all-female cast of this highly-lauded play written by Mendocino coast native (and Brooklyn resident) Bryna Turner.

“A pugnacious, tender and gloriously funny new play.Bryna Turner makes an immensely auspicious professional playwriting debut…Bull in a China Shop is passionate, joyous and radiant with life!” – The New York Times


bull cast

Woolley…Ricci Dedola

Marks…Jazmine Cornielle

Dean Welsh…Lorry Lepaule

Pearl…Isabel Langen

Felicity…Nicole Traber






Director…Stephanie C. Cunningham

Stage Manager…George Bishop

Set Design…Diane Larson

Costume Design…Emily Batterson and Emily Inwood

Lighting Design…Cate DiGirolamo

Sound Design… J Alexander Diaz

Dramaturg…Kirya Traber