2017 Season

40-sticker-or-cropOUR 4Oth ANNIVERSARY SEASON!


More than 200 productions.

Since our first season in 1977, the Mendocino Theatre Company has played a vital cultural role in the community, offering a creative home for people of all ages and a source of entertainment and enrichment for coastal residents and visitors alike. This season, we honor that wonderful past and embrace the present with four new plays and two old favorites.

These six American plays celebrate life in all its awkward beauty, exploring love and laughter; tears and heartache; the comfort of illusion; the fear of truth; the awkwardness of infatuation; the bonds of family; the longing for change; and the heartbreak of unfulfilled expectations. Each play has a unique voice, but they all challenge us to think and to feel and to question.

So please join us, as we celebrate our first forty years of bringing theatrical magic to the Mendocino coast. We couldn’t do it without you!

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1. MORNING’S AT SEVEN by Paul Osborn

directed by Bob Cohen

2. OR, by Liz Duffy Adams

directed by Betty Abrahmson

3. THE FLICK by Annie Baker

directed by Stephanie C. Cunningham

4. THE OPEN HOUSE by Will Eno

directed by Kerel Rennacker


directed by Willo Hausman

6. OUTSIDE MULLINGAR by John Patrick Shanley

directed by Lorry Lepaule