The 2019 Season

THEY DON’T PAY? WE WON’T PAY!        TheyDon'tPay

by Dario Fo

directed by Katherine Jean Nigh

March 7 – April 8



LUNA GALE     LunaGale

by Rebecca Gilman

directed by Lorry Lepaule

April 25 – May 26



IDEATION    Ideation

by Aaron Loeb

directed by Bob Cohen

June 13 – July 14



4000 MILES  4000Miles

by Amy Herzog

directed by Betty Abramson

August 1 – September 1




by Tom Stoppard

directed by Steve Siler

September 19 – October 20



William Shakespeare’s LONG LOST FIRST PLAY (Abridged)  ShakespeareLLFP

by Reed Martin & Austin Tichenor

directed by Ricci Dedola

November 7 – December 8

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