BECKY'S NEW CAR by Steven Dietz

BECKY’S NEW CAR by Steven Dietz

Directed by Virginia Reed

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Have you ever been tempted to flee your own life?

Restless, married, and middle-aged, Becky is an office-manager of a small car dealership who experiences a complicated mid-life crisis when a handsome millionaire arrives to buy a large number of cars as gifts for his employees.


“On a classic mistaken-identity premise, playwright Steven Dietz has constructed a warmly humorous and nimble romantic farce that doesn’t oversell itself, or ever sell its American Everywoman protagonist short. Dietz has created a comedy of modern manners…one that derives as much power from its humanity as its fine-tuned craftsmanship.” —Seattle Times.

Becky’s New Car is that perfect blend of hilarious comedy and substantial weight, a story about choices and consequences that could believably happen to anyone.” —Broadway Hour.


Featuring Pamela W. Allen, Raven Deerwater, Steve Jordan, Steve Worthen, Julia Carson, Nicholas Barrett, and Laurel Livezy. 

Set design by Diane Larson.  Lighting design by Steve Greenwood.